Miiibo Drink Mini
The first wireless water pump dispenser for pets

Electrically safe with no water pollution and stress for cats
With non-complicated functions and only safe, clean and delicious water for your cats


Generally speaking, to calculate the amount of water that your pets consume in a day, you need to consider their water loss, such as urination and perspiration volume. We provide a simple algorithm to quickly calculate the daily water consumption of your pets by taking in account of the average daily water loss per kilogram of your pets.

Dogs need about 50-70 milliliters (ml) of water per kilogram
Cats need about 40-60 milliliters (ml) of water per kilogram

Cats are particularly picky about water quality.
They prefer clean, filtered, and odourless water!
In addition, flowing water can also raise cats’ interests.
If there is no flowing water, it is also recommended to change the water bowl regularly to keep water fresh. 

Gettiing cats to drink water is a lifelong task for us.
It’s lucky to have a cat who loves to drink water.
Most cats are by nature to only drink water when feeling thirsty.
Causing potential kidney and urinary problems when they are older.